He Hawt! :Oraine Barrett

10 Jun

Throughout the Caribbean we have some of the most beautiful men. I am not asking, this is a fact.

Why? It’s their walk, their talk, their quiet (or not so much) confidence that keeps us coming back for more. So He Hawt, is my ode to our men.

Here’s a newbie on the scene,  Oraine Barrett!

Is this what they're growing in Jamaica?!?! Damn.

This smoking hot, Jamaican-born model exploded onto the scene in 2004, but has recently been all over everything. He was just in Rihanna’s “Man Down” video, well, he’s the man down.

There is just something about him that says “beware”, maybe it’s the 4 inch scar across his face (what we would call a buck-fifty in NY), just maybe.

So is he hawt or nawt, ladies?

What is beauty?

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