Garanimal Chic: Remix It!

18 Jul

While in NY, I tried to go out as MUCH as possible. I was craving the city and places I can wear my heels without fear of them being destroyed within 20 minutes.

My cousin and I went to a “day party”. What is that you ask? A day party is when you dress mostly like you’re going to a night event, but wear it in the daytime. Wonderful idea I thought, it’s easier to separate the gargoyles from the kings. You know what happens when you meet a dude in a dark room with strobe lights & liquor…you start seeing things. I digress…

So we get fancy, head over to a snazzy spot in Harlem and a child runs past us. Yep, a child. Right away we know that something is very wrong. There was a “day party” however, it was the previous week. The guy who invited us thought that it was a reoccurring event…this event was a brunch.

Of course, we are completely overdressed and everyone is looking at us like “Where are they going?”. However, did we care? Nope. Did we strutt in in 6 inch heels? Aha. Did we chow down on yummy  food? You know. Do you ever really need a “good” reason to play dress up? No Ma’am.

Since I had a lot of events to go to and didn’t bring a lot of clothes with me, I had to recycle. I went to a BBQ & the brunch wearing all the same accessories with very simple clothing…nothing super fancy.

I heart this outfit...

Side view...

The accessories bumped up the outfits a bit, takes away from the fact that I paid US$12 for the dress. I love the way the fur rosette broach, python clutch & zebra belt worked together, I call this a “Garanimal” mix. The look  was tied together by the fact that all the accessories were in beige & brown tones. I also love the different textures, patterns and how they play up against the deep purple of the dress.

Fur, suede, python, zebra.."Oh my."

Here’s my BBQ outfit…

I know, it's just a BBQ...

Do you like these outfits or was I batty?

(Ha, another animal reference…I kill me)


2 Responses to “Garanimal Chic: Remix It!”

  1. SugarCityBaby July 27, 2011 at 5:28 pm #

    There you are looking all cute in that purple dress and the shoes I hope they are 7s.

    • Eternally Summer July 29, 2011 at 12:03 pm #

      Thanks! Unfortunately, I’m a massive size 10 shoe(gasp) lol.

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