What’s Your Brand?

26 Sep

Oh, boy, I hope I'm red....

I missed the first run of ANTM All-Stars last week, not by accident, mind you. I purposely miss the makeover shows. They used to be my favorite episodes until they became annoying and predictable.

You cut a girl’s 18 inches of hair down to 2 inches, dye it platinum blonde from black—without a heads up—and she’s supposed to be thrilled, right away. If she hides in a bathroom and sheds a tear, she’s ungrateful and unworthy of the opportunity. Tyra knows what’s best for you, girl, look at some of her lovely hair selections. I digress…

Umm, lovely?

I was less interested in the competition than I was in the theme, branding. The ladies—and Isis— were challenged with building their brand. A branding strategist polled their “fans” and came up with one word that would encompass their brand. So there was free, daring, girlfriend, unexpected, survivor, proud etcetera, etcetera, etcetera (in my best Yul Brynner voice). From this point on in the competition, everything they do has to embody that word. So you have to take a free picture. How do you do that? More importantly, how do you judge that, Tyra!?!

Branding, huh,  I thought it was a great concept. I don’t aspire to be a model or spokesperson, but one word or a theme may help focus your efforts. Yes, we are many layers of things, some things more important than others. However, every piece makes you who you are.

I am a writer, entrepreneur, farmer (whowouldathunkit), real estate investor, baker and quasi-green girl. I’m constantly wearing different hats and unfortunately, feel that I falter because of this. Throughout the day I am constantly shifting my focus to try to accomplish something on each front. Some women can, I’m not so talented.

So what is my brand? I don’t have a fancy brand strategist with a cool Eastern European accent and I really don’t care for others to brand me–the only fans I have are my mother, sister and Bijou.

I came up with unfortunate, schizophrenic uh, ummm. I can not think of one. No, really, I ashamed to say, I can not think of a word to wrap myself up. Maybe that is the problem with me, I am still unsure about my purpose and path. Maybe I need to rally all my (3) fans.

Clarity and focus is so important. Often times we run around doing things and have no idea why we are doing them and where it will take us or if they will get us to our ultimate goal (and what was that again). I think I need to live a more purposeful life. So, I’m going to really take some time to really think of my “brand”. I’ll get back to ya!

What’s you’re branding word?

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