Crazy, Sexy, Cool…Nails!

17 Oct

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Okay, I think the tide is finally changing. I have been looking at my wonderful white nails and loving them a little bit less, day by day…sigh! I am beginning to feel an itch that is telling me to experience new colors, textures, designs.

I was inspired by  some of the funky, yet grown up designs from a London nail salon, WAH Nails. As I said before, I don’t like long nails, airbrush or tons of color,  so this seems like something I can deal with. At this moment I have 10 different white polishes, so I have to get a few more colors before I start on this journey.

Some of these seem like they can be done without going to a salon, I’m going to try the do-it-yourselfer route. I found this handy little chart for those who are thinking of going the DIY route too.

DIY tutorial

First, I need to get my nails back in order. Right now I wouldn’t show y’all a close up of these cuticles for anything. Sorry, we’re still getting to know one another ;)

Just to get us started, I added a quick and easy DIY nail design–leopard print. If anyone does it, please share.


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  1. unpocorodriguez October 30, 2011 at 9:07 pm #

    OMG this is the coolest post! I love all of the designs!

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