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Some Sunday Silliness…

23 Oct


Some Sunday Silliness…

16 Oct

Nature strikes back….

Rihanna is the Sexiest Woman ALIVE!!

12 Oct

Dutty, just like we like her...

Yeah! Although we’ve always known that–because the sexiest women ARE from the Caribbean–now the world knows it!

Esquire magazine has officially given our girl RihRih the title! I don’t know why this is making me so happy? Strange. Again, it’s that feeling I have with most celebrites. As with Beyonce, I want to quietly sniff her hair while she’s not looking then gut punch her and run away. Not now, of course, I’ll wait until after the baby ;)

                                                                                  Here’s an excerpt from her Esquire interview:

ESQ: It was a pretty fascinating scene. Bodyguards, dancers, dozens of people who looked liked they had nothing to do. I saw Jay-Z duck into your dressing room.

RIHANNA: I was walking out as he walked in. He was like, “Yo!” I had my tea in one hand and my drink in the next.

ESQ: You drink them at the same time?

RIHANNA: One is tea and one is a shot. I usually like dark liquor — brandy or whiskey — but it’s very high in sugar-content and I have some photo shoots coming up, so I had to switch it up to vodka.

What a f-ing lady!

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                      CONGRATS, Rihanna!!! 

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