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Just Because I Love It….

10 Oct

This is my FAVORITE song on this album. I was super stoked to see the video…so here it is!

I want to be in love like that, sigh.



I Hate Beyonce, Jada and The Little Mermaid…

29 Aug

No fair!!!!!

Last night we found out that Beyonce & Jay-Z are having a baby, Yeah!!!!! Well, that’s what I was saying to folks who were calling to let me know. In my head, however, I was yelling “Come on, that’s not fair.” Then I really turned and looked at myself. How can I be unhappy for someone-else’s happiness? What kind of person am I? I would have to venture way back into my childhood to find these answers…. Continue reading

Remember Patra?

18 Aug

Before there was a Lady Saw, there was Patra. At the time, the 90’s, she was rated R, look how far we’ve come (said with all the sarcasm I can muster). She was the first female to crossover to the US with dancehall music. The YBF website, says that our girl Patra will be coming out with an album soon, called “Changes”.  I don’t know, can she compete with girls half her age? I don’t know, but we shall see.

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Other than the boobs, she’s looking great…

Tupac was in this video?

Are you looking forward to a new Patra album?