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He Hawt!: Usain Bolt

31 Aug

Okay, Bolt didn’t quite…well…bolt, this past weekend, but he’s still one of my favorite athletes. I could NOT believe that happened and from the look on his face, neither could he–devastating. What makes it terrible is that he was a proponent of the new rule that doesn’t allows any false start saying, “I have no problem, I never false-started yet. It will be better for the sport. It will be a problem for some people but not for me.” Ouch.

With that, I’m submitting Mr. Bolt for He Hawt! I won’t say that he’s gorgeous, but he’s eeeeh, cute. What makes him real hawt to me is his personality, strength and confidence are turn ons and he has both of those things. He has bought some excitement back to track with his posing and antics—love it. The other thing I love about him is his pride, he loves his country and exhibits his culture no matter what the nay sayers say…and they say a lot.  So, is Usain Hawt or Nawt?

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He Hawt: Tian Winter

10 Aug

Okay, ladies. I have a new contestant for He Hawt!!!! I present to you….



Coming at you from WADADLI, Tian Winter has been knocking women of all ages dead in Antigua for some time.  With his velvety voice, sexy svelte body, cheekbones that can cut, a smile that can blind, style for days and a charming personality—he’s the TOTAL PACKAGE. Umm, do I seem biased?

This Soca Crooner has bought  something to Antigua that I haven’t seen before–not in this way—star power. When he is on stage it isn’t just the music the women are craving..its him. I went to a few events where he preformed this carnival and I saw some serious groupy action (yikes). I’ve never seen Oungku get attacked like that, LOL.

Check out some of his music, CLICK THE LINK:

He Hawt!: Tyson Beckford

1 Jul

Since it is the first of the month, I thought I would give you the first black male supermodel. You know his name….

                                               TYSON BECKFORD

What can I say? Pure Perfection.

This Jamaican-Panimanian hottie is 40, but is still knocking them dead. I still haven’t  forgiven him for closing his gap, but I guess I have to move on. He will always be on my list–always!

In my opinion he’s still hawt, red hawt!