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Eat Fresh!: Creamy Avocado Pasta

14 Sep

My sister and I love thick, creamy, tasty alfredo sauce, yum! However, we’re both trying to eat better and exercise more. We would probably have to run a whole hour just to burn off one serving of the sauce alone–then there’s the pasta itself.

I really believe you can have healthy and  yummy food–why not? In that quest, I found a replacement for Creamy Alfredo Pasta–Creamy Avocado Pasta!

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When You Don’t Know What to Do…

5 Sep

Saturday I woke up panicked, I forgot to set my alarm and it was 10AM, I missed the whole day! At least that is how I felt. Then I started the day–as I start everyday–feeling like I’ve lost time and I never get anything done. I beat myself up a lot, but often I have good reason. I thought about how much I could have done between 7AM & 10AM. Then I thought, “Who am I kidding, I wasn’t going to get anything done anyway–I never do.” Then I thought, “When you work for yourself, you have no right to take weekends off.” These thoughts went on and on and I began to panic. My head immediately began to pulse and my chest was heaving and I wanted to cry (again). Mind you, it was only 10:05 by this time.

So I decided to motivate, clapped my hands, got up and started to clean. I can’t start a fresh new week with a dirty house. Well, I did that for all of 15 minutes before something on TV caught my attention, so I did that for 10 minutes. I then spent another 15 minutes loathing myself for being so lazy. Right there, right then a lull came over me and I said to myself, “F this, I’m not going to do anything today.”

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Is the New Black Green?

2 Sep

Do I have the green thumb?

In my quest to be healthier and to take control of what goes in my body, I have decided to eat a lot more fruits and vegetables and cut out a lot (not all) of the junk. I believe I will feel better, look better and be healthier all around. So I guess the new green is this black girl, ha.

One thing I love about being in the Caribbean is the fact that it is eternally summer. Yes, we have seasons, but winter isn’t quite winter in NY–big pro. I love the fact that I can go in my yard and pick fruit, for free. Not only is it free, it is free from pesticides, molestation and weeks of storage and travel–huge pro.

However, while I have been here, I find that people don’t eat very well, including myself. We are eating foods chock full of salt and sugar–big con. Also, folks seem to be infatuated with fast foods like KFC (Kentucky), pizza and shawarmas (gyros), all of which have  limited nutritional value–huge con!

With foods drenched in fat, sugar, salt AND the amount of liquor consumed here (you know it’s true), no wonder there are such bleak statistics as far as health. Here is an excerpt from the Antigua Daily Observer:

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