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West Indian Inspired Fashion!

19 Oct

I’m always looking out for Caribbean designers and I found another one, Vashtie Kola!

Kola is a director, hip-hop socialite and designer of her own clothing company, Violette. She is a New York based designer who is of Trinidadian descent and she has just come out with a new Caribbean Inspired t-shirt line. If you want to read more about it, check out the article on  fashion bomb daily.

I’m sorry to say I’m not in love with this line. I think it’s cute, but wasn’t wowed by it. Sorry, Vash.  However, I did like the ting-a-ling shirt, it’s too cute. Plus, who doesn’t like Ting? No really, I want to know,who!?!

What I really don’t like is the price. If these were US$15, I would snag one, but at US$40, nope, can’t do it. It’s a little to rich for my blood. Sorry, VashVash. She also has an accesory line with mirrors, lighters etc. etc. So I think I’ll pick me up a keychain at US$8, now that’s what I call a deal!

I will be keeping my eye on Kola, I think we’re going to see some great things out of her in the future. Hopefully, she will continue making Caribbean inspired fashions. REPRESENT!

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Crazy, Sexy, Cool…Nails!

17 Oct

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Okay, I think the tide is finally changing. I have been looking at my wonderful white nails and loving them a little bit less, day by day…sigh! I am beginning to feel an itch that is telling me to experience new colors, textures, designs.

I was inspired by  some of the funky, yet grown up designs from a London nail salon, WAH Nails. As I said before, I don’t like long nails, airbrush or tons of color,  so this seems like something I can deal with. At this moment I have 10 different white polishes, so I have to get a few more colors before I start on this journey.

Some of these seem like they can be done without going to a salon, I’m going to try the do-it-yourselfer route. I found this handy little chart for those who are thinking of going the DIY route too.

DIY tutorial

First, I need to get my nails back in order. Right now I wouldn’t show y’all a close up of these cuticles for anything. Sorry, we’re still getting to know one another ;)

Just to get us started, I added a quick and easy DIY nail design–leopard print. If anyone does it, please share.

Diva of the Sea…

12 Oct
Diva of the Sea

I know, I know, Wadadli Cats isn’t quite a private yacht, but a girl can dream…right? I put this look together for when I AM invited on that yacht, by a very rich and handsome gent.

When you’re out on that cruise relaxing, make sure to bring the basics: water, sun block, shades, lip gloss with SPF and leave in conditioner. Yup, that’s what I said, leave in conditioner.

I was reading tips from a hair stylist, can’t remember where, sorry. Anywho, she said that you should spray leave in conditioner on your hair before you go in the water, it will protect your hair until you wash the salt or chlorine water out. Just a little nugget of useful info.

*I do realize that the Topsiders aren’t quite sexy, but I own a pair and boat shoes are certainly practical for a boat ride ;)

Whatcha think? Would you rock this?