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Crazy, Sexy, Cool…Nails!

17 Oct

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Okay, I think the tide is finally changing. I have been looking at my wonderful white nails and loving them a little bit less, day by day…sigh! I am beginning to feel an itch that is telling me to experience new colors, textures, designs.

I was inspired by  some of the funky, yet grown up designs from a London nail salon, WAH Nails. As I said before, I don’t like long nails, airbrush or tons of color,  so this seems like something I can deal with. At this moment I have 10 different white polishes, so I have to get a few more colors before I start on this journey.

Some of these seem like they can be done without going to a salon, I’m going to try the do-it-yourselfer route. I found this handy little chart for those who are thinking of going the DIY route too.

DIY tutorial

First, I need to get my nails back in order. Right now I wouldn’t show y’all a close up of these cuticles for anything. Sorry, we’re still getting to know one another ;)

Just to get us started, I added a quick and easy DIY nail design–leopard print. If anyone does it, please share.


The Lemon Water Cleanse?

4 Oct

Let's see how this works...

Since I’ve become an amateur baker, I’ve been ingesting a lot of sugar, I mean a lot. For some reason, I have become infatuated with cookie dough, I rarely eat the cookie, just the yummy dough (don’t judge me).

Generally, I don’t eat a lot of sugar, so my body reacted quickly and adversely to it. My face has begun to breakout badly and I’m sure it’s not doing anything good for my ever-expanding waistline…sigh. That is why I resolved to drink only water, at least for a little while.  Not that I won’t have the occasional drink (you gotta live a little), but mainly water for a little body cleansing.

For starters, water is cheap and has no calories. Unfortunately, it has no flavor either and to drink the 8 8oz glasses recommended can be a chore. I wanted a flavoring that had no sugar, calories and that was readily available, hence, lemons. The fact that I have a tree full of lemon made it the winner. Lucky for me, it seems there are benefits to the lemon and water combo.

We’ve all know the benefits of pure water, but fresh lemon seems to kick it up a notch. According to (which has a very handy calorie counter), here are the benefits: Continue reading

Bad Hair Day…Good Scarf Solution

8 Sep

My hair has been going through some things y’all. The constant re-twisting to keep my locs “neat” is beginning to take a toll on my hairline. What is so ironic about this is, I stopped perming and wearing weaves to get away from this very same thing, sigh.

In my quest to find cute alternatives, I came across this video. They show 3  quick ways to style hair scarves.

Here is my take on the “Moroccan Princess” style. I thought it was cute and I loved my little curls!

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Was this style a hit or a miss?