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New Caribbean Design…Old Caribbean Flavor

10 Nov


Love this collection!!!
New Caribbean Design: Love, Freedom, Flow

I simply love this collection by New Caribbean Design called “Love, Freedom, Flow”!  It debuted with rave reviews at this year’s ICFF furniture show in NYC.  A  beautiful collection of pottery, chairs, vases and decorative accesories made from vines to papier mache.

It’s so simple, with the coalpots and simple weaving techniques that we grew up seeing in the Caribbean, but its updated with vibrant pops of color and the unexpected mixes of traditional artistry with contemporary design elements.

My personal favorite piece is the Plaisance lounger & ottoman by Jocelyn Dow’s  Liana Cane Interiors furniture store out of Guyana. This piece is not only beautiful, it is sustainable. Made from renewable Kufa vine and Nibbi cane, this design does not add to rainforest depletion. It’s a must have piece for me (when I get a home of my own, of course)

Plaisance Lounger & Ottoman: I love this!!

 This collection was designed by six innovative artists from Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago and Dominica, to name  few. It’s truly refreshing to see traditional Caribbean decor transformed into something the world will see as modern.