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Dis is the Bes Carnival Eva!

8 Aug

What can I say...

I’m back!!!!! I haven’t posted in a week, but I had a good GREAT reason… ANTIGUA CARNIVAL 2011!!!!

I’m still recuperating. I left my voice, shoes, costume, and one of my lashes on the road–I’m pretty sure my dignity and self-respect are out there somewhere too ;) However, I had a wonderful time. As one of my mas mates screamed out while wearing her costume, sitting on the cold, wet, concrete floor of High Street with a piece of KFC chicken in hand said,”Dis is the bes carnival eva!” You know what, she was right.

It had nothing to do with all the imported artists (hmmm), the new fetes (much appreciated) and the third day of mas (thank you). It certainly wasn’t the torrential rains that turned ARG, Yasco, Lions and anywhere with soil into bogs–it is hurricane season after-all. It was the vibe.

Carnival is the time to let it all go. Your job, the money chase, relationships, stress–leave it on the road! Now, more than ever, along with personal pressures, the pressures of the world are sitting on our shoulders ( I feel like Atlas). Some people say we gwon wild, yeah, but so what!! I truly believe Carnival, throughout the region, stops folks from going postal. When was the last time you heard of anything like that in ANU? I rest my case.

Everyone JUST wanted to have fun. There weren’t tons of fights and folks actually said, “excuse me” and “sorry”, gasp! People were, dare I say, polite. Of course, Antiguans are know for their friendliness, so this should be expected (haa!). Folks were thinking about their own fun, not wanting anything to mess up the jam and I also think that can be attributed to the times. Someone mashing your toe or pushing you as they passed didn’t seem as serious this time around.

Rain or shine....

There are no classes, decorum, or inhibitions. A guy you wouldn’t take the time to look down on in your everyday life can be your jamming partner and shoulder to lean on when the pineapple juice you ordered turned out to be rum (who knows how that happened ; )

Here’s to a wonderful 2011 Antigua Carnival

Just in case you didn’t hear, here are the results….

Groovy Party Monarch
Winner – Claudette Peters “CP” – Work It
1st Runner-Up – Tian Winter “Tian” – Crash
2nd Runner-Up – Jashan Hughes “Jashan” – Wuck

Tempo Party Monarch
Winner – Joel Lewis “Hard Knaxs ” – KFC
1st Runner-Up – Tian Winter “Tian” – Soca Quake
2nd Runner-Up – Claudette Peters “CP” – Work It

Panorama Winners
Winner -Hellsgate Sponsored by – LIME
1st Runner-Up – Halcyon – Sponsored by – Hadeed Group of Companies Antigua Masonry Products
2nd Runner-Up – Hamonites – Sponsored by – Carib Seas

Junior Calypso Results

Competition: Ages 5 – 12 Category

Winner Kelsie Watkins K – Kay Tell Them
1st Runner-Up: Javon Armstrong Double J Ain’t to Age
2nd Runner-Up: Jassiem Braithwaite Super J Nothing Comes Easy

Competition: Ages 13 – 19 Category

Name Stage name CALYPSO TITLE
Winner Vito Walter Lord Deliverer Fighting in De School
1st Runner-Up: Malique Marsh Dramatic M & M Stop Destroying God’s Temple
2nd Runner-Up: Collin Beazer Mighty Tenor Ley Me Sing


“1865, 96 degrees in the Shade” Third World

5 Nov

Out of: Jamaica

Isn’t there something about this song that never gets old? Although it’s talking about a historical event, it’s also how I feel walking down Newgate Street in the midday sun–on fiyah!

This particular video is from a documentary, Made in Jamaica (2006). It is not a great documentary, but a good one. The cinematography is lovely and there are some nice interviews and performances. Of course, it’s not made by a Jamaican or anyone else from the Caribbean, its made by a Frenchman, Jérôme Laperrousaz.

Folks, if we nah tell ahwe story,  we allow others to write our history.

Food for thought.