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1 Pink Python Shirt…3 Ways

13 Sep

1 Piece 3 Ways: Python Camisole

I love this Old Navy shirt. Period. You all know how I feel about animal print, but pink python–forgetaboutit!
A friend of mine purchased this pretty camisole and all I could think of was how many ways -I- she could rock it ;)
Here are three looks that I threw together that I, sorry, she would look fab in!  Enjoy…

How would you rock this shirt?


Who Says You Can’t Wear White After Labor Day?!?

7 Sep
Who Said You Can't Wear White After Labor Day...

The answer is, nobody who matters! White is a wonderful color, if you can keep it clean all day. Hopefully, it wasn’t your color selection for jumping up in Brooklyn for Labor Day…missed it, sigh.

White is as versatile as wearing all black, folks just feel they can hide in the black–with white you have no choice but to stand out. In my style board I tried to show a few different looks for Fall in colder areas and Fall in places where it is ES.  I love to find tons of ways to wear the same pieces. Since I live between two different countries, I have to make my wardrobe (and money) work for me.

The trick with white is to mix different shades, textures, shapes and fab accessories. It really gives the outfit flare and stops you from looking like a nurse (an admirable field ;)

So, what do you think of these monotone creations?

P.S.– Yes, I will wear fur, leather, human (if it’s properly treated) and mongoose (if they weren’t so damn fast) Sorry.

P.P.S– I also plan to wear my cat, Bijou, when she passes. She wouldn’t have it any other way… meow.

1 Maternity T-Shirt Dress…3 Ways

25 Aug
1 Maternity T-Shirt Dress...3 Ways


Often, when people speak about pregnant woman, it seems as though they are talking about a person with a disease. News flash, you are allowed to be the same fabulous you that you were…with just a little tweaking. These are some styles that would look fabulous on a pregnant woman. Lucky for you, Preggers, this is the only time when someone will see your big belly and say it’s cute. Relish in it for as long as you can—generally nine months!

Why is this on my mind? Who knows. O00h, maybe it’s because I am 31 28, unmarried and have no children. Maybe…;)