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I Heart This!: Baking Soda & ACV Hair Rinse

6 Sep

Mmmm, time for a ACV rinse!

Ladies, ladies, ladies! I have found a hair secret that is amazing, the Baking Soda & Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse. I found it on YouTube, where I find a lot of my hair care info. Some work, some, not so much.

This one actually really worked for me. I had done the ACV rinse, without baking soda and it was good, but it had nothing on this.

I was excited and disgusted all at the same time by what was in my sink when I finished. The water was disgusting, I could not post the picture…we’re still getting to know each other ;). When I rinsed it out, my hair seemed blacker and softer.

I did it just as she did in the video, Continue reading


I Heart This: Nine West “O-Bernard” Shoes

24 Aug

Here are my new babies, courtesy of my fabulous sister, N, (thank you, love you)!

I adore these shoes! They are the perfect mix of vintage and modern, funky and reserved…everything opposite ;) Also, I can’t see them going out of style…they were wearing recreations of them since the 40’s, so I guess they’ll stand the test of time.

I haven’t had the right opportunity to wear either of them, but do you really need a reason to wear green, open-toed, kitten heels? I think not.

Oh, and they are super soft, like butta (said with my best Streisand voice)

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I Heart This!: Oil of Olay- Total Effects

25 Jul

Just one more hit....please!!

I’ve been using Oil of Olay’s Total Effects Fragrance-Free UV Moisturizer with SPF 15 for about six years and I still love it!

It has all the great stuff we need in the Caribbean including, UVA & UVB protection and SPF 15. So it has tons of nutrients, protection and moisturizes. Where could this go wrong, you ask?

It’s addictive ladies! I haven’t used anything else since. It’s like Neolene. Okay, now for some useless information.

In Catwoman (the God awful movie with Halle Berry), Sharon Stone has been using a product called Neolene. This product makes you beautiful and gives you perfect skin, but it’s addictive and if you stop using it your face will disintegrate. It also causes you to bleach your hair, attack people randomly, take people wearing strange costumes seriously and attempt to murder your man. That just sounds like Antigua Carnival to me…really.

Okay, other than the addictive part, I don’t think you have anything to worry about ;) However, I did plan to physically attack my cousin when she was kind enough to send me one, but the one without SPF, gasp! I was on my last few pumps of the stuff and I was beginning to scratch my chest like a crackhead. I digress…


  1. It’s about US$21.00 now
  2. I can’t readily find it anymore, I have to really search for the one with UV & SPF. I use to find it everywhere
  3. It can go from “dewy” to “greasy” if you overdo it…a little goes a long way
What daily moisturizer do you use? If I can detox, I may try a new one.