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West Indian Inspired Fashion!

19 Oct

I’m always looking out for Caribbean designers and I found another one, Vashtie Kola!

Kola is a director, hip-hop socialite and designer of her own clothing company, Violette. She is a New York based designer who is of Trinidadian descent and she has just come out with a new Caribbean Inspired t-shirt line. If you want to read more about it, check out the article on  fashion bomb daily.

I’m sorry to say I’m not in love with this line. I think it’s cute, but wasn’t wowed by it. Sorry, Vash.  However, I did like the ting-a-ling shirt, it’s too cute. Plus, who doesn’t like Ting? No really, I want to know,who!?!

What I really don’t like is the price. If these were US$15, I would snag one, but at US$40, nope, can’t do it. It’s a little to rich for my blood. Sorry, VashVash. She also has an accesory line with mirrors, lighters etc. etc. So I think I’ll pick me up a keychain at US$8, now that’s what I call a deal!

I will be keeping my eye on Kola, I think we’re going to see some great things out of her in the future. Hopefully, she will continue making Caribbean inspired fashions. REPRESENT!

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Garanimal Chic: Remix It!

18 Jul

While in NY, I tried to go out as MUCH as possible. I was craving the city and places I can wear my heels without fear of them being destroyed within 20 minutes.

My cousin and I went to a “day party”. What is that you ask? A day party is when you dress mostly like you’re going to a night event, but wear it in the daytime. Wonderful idea I thought, it’s easier to separate the gargoyles from the kings. You know what happens when you meet a dude in a dark room with strobe lights & liquor…you start seeing things. I digress…

So we get fancy, head over to a snazzy spot in Harlem and a child runs past us. Yep, a child. Right away we know that something is very wrong. There was a “day party” however, it was the previous week. The guy who invited us thought that it was a reoccurring event…this event was a brunch.

Of course, we are completely overdressed and everyone is looking at us like “Where are they going?”. However, did we care? Nope. Did we strutt in in 6 inch heels? Aha. Did we chow down on yummy  food? You know. Do you ever really need a “good” reason to play dress up? No Ma’am.

Since I had a lot of events to go to and didn’t bring a lot of clothes with me, I had to recycle. I went to a BBQ & the brunch wearing all the same accessories with very simple clothing…nothing super fancy.

I heart this outfit...

Side view...

The accessories bumped up the outfits a bit, takes away from the fact that I paid US$12 for the dress. I love the way the fur rosette broach, python clutch & zebra belt worked together, I call this a “Garanimal” mix. The look  was tied together by the fact that all the accessories were in beige & brown tones. I also love the different textures, patterns and how they play up against the deep purple of the dress.

Fur, suede, python, zebra.."Oh my."

Here’s my BBQ outfit…

I know, it's just a BBQ...

Do you like these outfits or was I batty?

(Ha, another animal reference…I kill me)

Dress for Your Shape: Rectangle

26 Jun
Dress for Your Shape: Rectangle

You, my rectangular friend, can wear outfits that other women wouldn’t dare! Why? Because of your straight shape, you can use clothes to bend and mold you into  any shape you please. You can confidently sport pants and skirts that add volume to your lower half, you can wear fun and vibrant shapes without the fear of adding unflattering bulk. I love pants with a lot of material at the top (ala MC Hammer), however, it was not meant for me—it doesn’t work for my shape. I’ll just have to live vicariously through you. ;)

Your body-double: CLAUDETTE “C.P.” PETERS

Claudette Peters: Antigua's Soca Goddess







Okay, ladies, we have come to the end of this journey! Hopefully, you have learned something about your shape and some styles that will work well for you. Remember that although these are the four most common shapes, there are many. I’ve seen explanations for at least a dozen–which would be expected.

The point of this whole series is to show you how much you can do with exactly what you have. Of course many of us would like to change some things–tighten the butt, lose the gut—but your “natural” shape can never change. I challenge you to experiment with clothes, find your own identity. How you look and present yourself is certainly a reflection of you. You tell the world a story without opening your mouth with your clothing.