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Diva of the Sea…

12 Oct
Diva of the Sea

I know, I know, Wadadli Cats isn’t quite a private yacht, but a girl can dream…right? I put this look together for when I AM invited on that yacht, by a very rich and handsome gent.

When you’re out on that cruise relaxing, make sure to bring the basics: water, sun block, shades, lip gloss with SPF and leave in conditioner. Yup, that’s what I said, leave in conditioner.

I was reading tips from a hair stylist, can’t remember where, sorry. Anywho, she said that you should spray leave in conditioner on your hair before you go in the water, it will protect your hair until you wash the salt or chlorine water out. Just a little nugget of useful info.

*I do realize that the Topsiders aren’t quite sexy, but I own a pair and boat shoes are certainly practical for a boat ride ;)

Whatcha think? Would you rock this?


Dress for Your Shape: Rectangle

26 Jun
Dress for Your Shape: Rectangle

You, my rectangular friend, can wear outfits that other women wouldn’t dare! Why? Because of your straight shape, you can use clothes to bend and mold you into  any shape you please. You can confidently sport pants and skirts that add volume to your lower half, you can wear fun and vibrant shapes without the fear of adding unflattering bulk. I love pants with a lot of material at the top (ala MC Hammer), however, it was not meant for me—it doesn’t work for my shape. I’ll just have to live vicariously through you. ;)

Your body-double: CLAUDETTE “C.P.” PETERS

Claudette Peters: Antigua's Soca Goddess







Okay, ladies, we have come to the end of this journey! Hopefully, you have learned something about your shape and some styles that will work well for you. Remember that although these are the four most common shapes, there are many. I’ve seen explanations for at least a dozen–which would be expected.

The point of this whole series is to show you how much you can do with exactly what you have. Of course many of us would like to change some things–tighten the butt, lose the gut—but your “natural” shape can never change. I challenge you to experiment with clothes, find your own identity. How you look and present yourself is certainly a reflection of you. You tell the world a story without opening your mouth with your clothing.

Dress for Your Shape: Hourglass

20 Jun
Dress for Your Shape:Hourglass

If you are an hourglass shape, you’ve hit the genetic jackpot. You are a brick-house, figure-8…I can’t think of any others;). You can wear most clothing. This is the most coveted shape for women and most desired  for men, lucky you! But wait, not so fast, that doesn’t mean that you are using your assets correctly.

Often, hourglass ladies fall prey to the “too” syndrome–too tight, too short, too sexy (yeah, I made that up). Your figure is already sexy and your goal should be to lengthen your body, all while accentuating your waist without hiding or hugging your curves. But, Don’t Get Me Wrong, do you remember that song? I digress. There is nothing wrong with wearing clothes that hug you, but there is a time and place for everything. Also, personally, I think holding a little something back is far sexier.

Your body double is: ALISON HINDS

Alison Hinds- Curves for Days